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Merke: Integral Artikkelnummer: INCF64G866X Strek nummer: 5055288443303


Nedis Number: INCF64G866X Leverandør Delenummer: INCF64G866X
Strek nummer: 5055288443303
The Integral UltimaPro 866x CF card is ideal for professional and amateur photographers. Designed to perform where fast memory cards are crucial; to capture Full HD images and video in a Digital SLR or high-end compact camera. Supports up to UDMA 7 and saves data at up to 45MB/s.

• Integral UltimaPro CompactFlash 866x speed ensures that when you take a picture, data is saved faster, so there is less time to wait before taking the next picture - perfect for Digital SLR cameras
• VPG-20 will ensure smooth Full HD video recording in compatible devices
• UDMA 7-enabled, for stunning performance when used with UDMA-enabled devices
• UltimaPro high-speed performance improves transfer speeds from memory card to computer, reducing your post-production time - making it a top choice for photo and video editing professional

• Read 130MB/s, Write 45MB/s* • VPG-20 will ensure video recording at 20 MB/s minimum sustained write speed • Supports up to UDMA (Ultra Direct Memory Access) mode 7 • CompactFlash Association approved • CF 6.0 compliant product - Integral CF 866x cards support the Sanitize command (the ultimate card refresh) • Complete with free protective case

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