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Glass Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy A12

Merke: Mobilize Artikkelnummer: MOB54743 Strek nummer: 8718256942662

Glass Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy A12

Nedis Number: MOB-54743 Leverandør Delenummer: 54743
Strek nummer: 8718256942662
Optimal protection of your screen with the Mobilize Safety Glass Screen Protector. It protects against scratches, bumps and falls and thus ensures a longer life for your display. This Screen Protector is made of real glass that has been hardened in a special way. It is only 0.3 mm thin and therefore has no negative impact on your touchscreen. With its rounded edges, the Screen Protector is hardly noticeable and does not disturb during use. This screen protector is made of real glass of 9H quality. This means that it can withstand almost all materials and remains scratch-free.
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If you use a case that wraps around the edges of your mobile device, an edge-to-edge protector could possibly damage your screen around the edges.
The edge might cut into the screen.
Use a regular protector in this case.
These protectors leave enough room for a case
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